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The Believers
Title: Tour EP
Catalog#: AP012/APCD5
Format: cdr

2.Summer Love
4.Deliver the Future (10:04; 9.2MB)
5.Shady Afternoon
6.Preference (Fantasy)
7.In a Tent with Pillows (6:06; 5.6MB)
This cdr release repeats a number of hits off the first Believers cassette. These are completely new versions re-recorded and mixed for this release. We've also added a number of new songs to the plate. You'll find the fidelity takes a giant leap upwards on the cdr, as compared to the cassette.

The music is good-time garage glam in the tradition of The Germs and The Electric Eels, with vocalist Jessi Leigh Swenson working a pair of hotpants and a bad attitude into some affirmative chants. Meanwhile, bassist Matt Krefting and guitaritst John Shaw, both of Son Of Earth-Flesh on Bone Trio, take flailing, atonal solos that pulse with progressive energy. Drummer Anna Klein has such a bent way of subdividing time that she can turn a locomotive boogie into an exercise in punishing austerity with just a crash of the hi-hat." - David Keenan, review in the Dec. 2004 Wire magazine

Original packaging consisted of a Believers puzzle and disc in a clear plastic bag. This official release version has hand printed lino-cut artwork and informative insert.

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