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Magik Markers/Believers
January 2005
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Wilder Cats Benefit, Hampshire College Red Barn, Amherst, MA
w/ Sunburned Hand of the Man, Dredd Foole, CorCraft, MV&EE Medicine Show, Flaherty/Corsano Duo, T. Moore + Heavy Peeps, Franklin's Mint, X.O.4, Grey Skull, Fat Worm of Error, The Opera Glove Sinks in the Sea, Aaron Rosenblum, Red Favorite, Scott Foust, and Feathers
Strange Maine, Portland, ME
w/ The Visitations, ID M THEFT ABLE
Midway Cafe, Boston, MA
w/ Heathen Shame, Crystal Cock Over Canada, Donna Parker
Free 103, NYC
w/ dj Tony Rettman, August Sound Coalition
Tarantula Hill Noise Party!, Baltimore, MD
Noise Against Fascism @ The Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
w/ Mirror/Dash (Kim Gordon/Thurston Moore), Metalux, Flaherty/Corsano, Double Leopards, 16-Bitch Pile-up, Monotract, Nautical Almanac, To Live And Shave In LA (w/ Andrew W.K. And Thurston Moore), Buzzardstain
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