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Rocktoberfest 2000

Megajoel, Beefmaster Jones, Celestial Love, The Band Formerly Known As..., Jim Wildurmuth, The Jeff Patlingraos, and others
@ Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 11/3/00

The first Rocktoberfest. An outdoor music festival. Beefmaster had to step in on account of one band finking out. Not having practiced beforehand, they decided to keep it light and only played Maggot Brain and Mighty Good Leader (then staples of the beefmaster set.) Megajoel had practiced and coming off their first gig with heads high, they played with might on the outdoor stage. Many in the crowd found themselves stuck in the groove. As night fell, Celestial Love climbed the stage. This was the reason for creating such an event. Matt Krefting-vocals, John Shaw-bass, Willie Lane-drums, Zach Bloom and James Lowe-guitars. Under the spotlights glare, these men seemed to be heroes. They set out straight away to bring the audience back to a time when "outdoor festival" meant something. Where "rock" wasn't such a negative description. Something special happened this evening. As Mr Lane put it, "the sum was greater than the parts." Incredible.
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