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The Opera Glove Sinks in the Sea
Title: s/t
Catalog#: AP017
Format: cdr
Price: out of print


1. the water and the pulp
2. work with one's hands
3. I am thinking of you (10:25; 11.9MB)
4. vitreous
5. bear with the owl's beak
6. warm fluids
"The Opera Glove Sinks in the Sea, the eponymous debut release by Gwyneth Merner, is a haunting collection of tone-poems. Housed in a delicate, sewn onionskin jacket, the 6 tracks on this release strike a beautiful balance between ominous menace and melacholy beauty. Treated violin scrapes, the clack of a typewriter, looped voice and other found sounds are woven together to create a compelling soundscape of spooky creaks and tenebrous sibilations, but it is Merner's subtle and precise theremin playing that really helps to elevate this baby to the next plane..." - Chris Miller, review in Thaumaturgy blog

Hand-sewn and hand-stamped onionskin sack w/ insert.

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