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Apostasy Night #1
2/18/00 @ Hampshire Tavern
Beefmaster Jones, Itchy Pits, Fantastic Puke, Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone Trio

The first-ever Apostasy Recordings evening! What a smash! Beefmaster Jones opened the gig with one of the most gloriously sloppy sets of all time. Next up was Itchy Pits, who let loose over half an hour's worth of shronk and blab, causing certain members of the audience to roll on top of one another and others to leave. Fantastic Puke followed, with a long, strange set of quirky sound and bizarre improvisation. Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone Trio rounded out the night with a set that was downright other-worldly. There's no real way those sounds could have been made by human beings. The night was a lot of fun and very, very weird.
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