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2-18-03 @ Hampshire College Tavern, Amherst, MA
Itchy Pits, Beefmaster Jones, Dos II, Duck, The Believers, Woods' Bandits, Treasure Town, Bearz and Foxxx Pack, Naked Twiets Chevy, Germs of/in Mind
Apostasy Night #4 - Started with a bang (Beefmaster Jones) and frolicked along for a couple of hours. No one felt rushed, no one remembered the other issues that were pressing in their lives. A complete success!

There was a bit of a competition: namely, who can be the best? Throughout the night, competitors put up their best acts and drew their final straws. Sweat ran, and muscles ached. In the end, though everyone had given his or her own best shot, one man stood victorious. One man went above and beyond. He soared to incredible heights as the audience sat stunned. They knew they were witnessing something special. They knew they were in the presence of genius. And, to know this winner, this man of greatness, one need only click HERE.

And click HERE for pictures from the show!
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