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Artist: Noise Nomads
Title: self-titled
Catalog#: AP027
Format: cdr
Price: $8
(please note: price includes shipping in the U.S. only. please email for overseas shipping costs.)
From thunderous percussion to shrieking electronics, Noise Nomads bulldozes a wide path through the modern noise society. Recorded in an intimate setting, yet inside a cavernous warehouse, this album overtly reveals and delights in the restless dichotomies that permeate Noise Nomads' existence. Explosive on all sides, this could be music of the Olympian Gods: might and power (and brains and trickery) ooze from every pore. One is left haggard, but enlightened, after surviving the titanic waves of pure sound experience. Fans of Robert Ashley's Wolfman have found a home.

Packaged in a long, heavy stock envelope. Screenprinted cover art by Noise Nomads. Insert art by PAK.

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