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Past Events: 2008
October 11, 2008
Yellow Beard (John Shaw, Anna Klein, Josh Burkett) @ Time of Rivers Festival, Portland, ME
w/ Fursaxa, MV&EE, Ilyas Ahmed, Paul Metzger, Fire on Fire
September 28, 2008
Matt Krefting Band @ Stone for Adam Nodelman, VFW Hall, Florence, MA
w/ No Neck Blues Band, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Dredd Foole & the Din (featuring J Mascis, John Moloney & Justin Pizzoferrato), Fat Worm of Error, Northampton Wools, Noise Nomads, Bunny Brains, Franklin's Mint, Jow Jow
April 13, 2008
Son of Earth @ Wickermania, Goshen, MA
w/ Noise Nomads, Big Blood, Sunburned Hand O' the Man, Visitations, Yuke of Space, Jow Jow, MV & EE, some Bunwinkiesesque kind-a thing, Heavy Creatures, Aswara, Black Medic
August 1, 2008
Matt Krefting reads @ No More Bush, Artifacts of the 21st Century, Florence, MA
w/ Zaika, Jack Rose, Valerie Webber, 50 Foot Women + Axolotl, Byron Coley, Dredd Foole, Thurston Moore
May 23, 2008
Matt Krefting @ Bookmill, Montague, MA
w/ Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet, Idea Fire Company, Chris Cooper
May 19, 2008
Matt Krefting/Greg Kelley @ Dooley's Mill, Holyoke, MA
w/ Life Partners, Noise Nomads, Zairz
March 29, 2008
Matt Krefting in IFCO @ Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Excepter, Ghost Exits, Anavan, Symbol
March 8, 2008
Matt Krefting in IFCO @ Fair St, Northampton, MA
w/ Sam Goldberg, Infinity Window , Skylight Horizon Tropical Band
February 4, 2008
Matt Krefting Band (w/ Shaw, Moloney, Mascis) @ Yod, Florence, MA
w/ Baby Dee
February 2, 2008
John Shaw @ Yoga Studio, Northampton, MA
w/ Noise Nomads, Shurt Kwitters, Liz Tonne, and yoga instruction by Amy Kraus
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