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Society of Friends: Recordings

Title: Fight to Win
Label: Beef Diaper (BD003)
Format: c60
Year: 1999
Track Listing
1. Intro
2. I Administer Death
3. Song of Song
4. Society of Friends Saves the Earth
5. You Are Dumb
6. Wheat Thins
7. Punky Brewster/Business Venture
8. Suburban Souls
9. Eddie Loves Cheesecake
10. King Jello
11. Questions
12. Fight to Win
13. I Will Kill You
14. Boom
15. They Never Liked Me Anyway
"Fight to Win" finds the Society moving further away from "traditional" song structure and still retaining their kooky sense of fun. However, some of the inner turmoil being experienced by the band comes through as well. A couple of tracks end with the tape recorder being smashed against the guitar. The whole thing falls apart and is barely put back together. Before the deliberate chaos of "Oh Damn! The Rock and Roll Jam!" there was this one, with bumps and bruises and beautiful destruction.

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