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Title: John Womp Dawn
Label: Beef Diaper (BD009)
Format: c60
Year: 2000
Track Listing
1. Pain Jerky
2. Staple Gun Nightmare
3. Journey to the Center of Love
4. That Wound Smarts
5. Intro
6. Piss Fantastic
7. Five Babies
8. Piss Fantastic 2
9. Bull Rules the School
10. Gone to Moon
Amazingly stupid recording from Christmas Eve 2000. While this may be the "worst" album in the Society catologue, it is also the "best" in so many ways. Pissed off as all hell from having a shitty X-mas dinner w/ Alan Arkin of all people, the boys returned to the basement and let loose a shit-storm of outlandish proportions. I think that when Grammy time rolls around, we'll see who has the last laugh.

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