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Past Solo Events: Aaron Rosenblum (+John Shaw)
Aaron Rosenblum (+John Shaw)
w/ Harry Rosenblum on projections
@ Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, NY 7-19-02

Aaron played his solo set from tour. In the middle John chimed in and they morphed it to a little improv piece. Then back to Aaron solo. Harry Rosenblum was on projections throughout. Too tricky? Probably. The crowd was not here for music. "We want films! We want films!" and other such banter filled the room, and even overtook the music or blocked projections at various times. You can't come out of something like that very positively.

Small text in box on flyer:
"Live Music By: Northern Californian in exile, Aaron Rosenblum breaks free from the bonds of his willful participation in such bands as Shackamaxon and Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone. The Aaron Rosenblum Problem has just returned home from a national tour on which he plucked, picked, thumped, buzzed, and hammered with the aid of acoustic guitar, chord organ, casio keyboard, and microcassette. This music makes worlds unto itself, and will be accompanied by a live film and video mix by Harry Rosenblum."
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