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Past Solo Events: Willie Lane
Willie Lane
w/ MV&EE Medicine Show, Dredd Foole
@ The Common Ground, Brattleboro, VT 3-11-03

All three performers were hometown heroes. Willie went on first, with a nice, prowling acoustic guitar piece. It travelled through hill and dale, sure, but at the end you felt like you had gone somewhere. He followed up with an electric number of similar height and weight. I especially liked the lower-end business. It sounded true.

Next up were MV and EE. This was one of the better sets I've seen them play. Certainly in another realm, where fanstasy gypsies and muffinboys run wild. Out of it all, one strains to seek meaning and portent, yet the magic is not hard to feel.

Dredd Foole rounded out the night with his first(?) set without any amplification whatsoever. It sounded beautiful. He ran through his now famous gamut of songs, decorated with plenty of vocal pleasantries. Again, one of the best performances I've seen from this man.
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