Artist: Son of Earth
Title: Carhole
Catalog#: AP015/APCD7
Format: CDR
Price: out of print


1. Floating Image
2. Walking the Transom
3. Owl's Vector Speech
Recorded live in the Belchertown Carhole. A journey in three parts.

"Son of Earth on their newest cd "Carhole" embraces the space between tones. On the first track "Floating Image" bells chime, sounding like crystal glasses filled with water and tapped with a spoon. Tones are expelled from a source unknown, sustained notes which vibrate through the atmosphere. One can hear the band shifting, fidgeting, and communicating quietly. Who is communicating? Is it the band or an invocated presence? These three compositions have a ghostly quality to them slightly reminiscent of Tibetan Buddhist ritual music[...] These are pieces that seem to contain the breath of life in every note." - Ryan Brown, review from

Packaged in handmade elongated cardstock envelopes with a paste-on front and hand-stamped back and insert. Edition of 200.

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