July 9th, 2002 @ $2 Rare Book Store, Cleveland, OH

w/ Brian Straw, more

A lot of stuff happened here.. Probably best to get the perspectives of the men involved..


Shaw and I pulled into town listening to Cabaret Voltaire and looking about for the correct streets. Eventually we saw the sign for the bookstore, and pulled up alongside. The time was approximately 2:30. We went in a peeped the LP's. Not much. We poked about the books. We tried to find a human "in charge." Eventually, we found our man. He was a little odd. No one really had the courage to approach him. Finally, I mustered up the testosterone to say "We're the band," to this man. "You guys WOULD show up at 3:15 for an 8 o'clock gig!" he exclaimed. He told us where to get food, and also to wait in the back, in the weird garage in which we would be playing. We went off to find food. After a while looking around in this deli, our man strolled in offering some strange explanation of why he was going to buy us lunch. Personally, I didn't care about his reasons, I was just interested in the lunch. It seems he left the store unguarded. Excellent.

We ate w/ the man in the back of the store. Weird garage. He took a nap and started talking to himself angrily. Store unattended. When he got up he went into the store and began some sort of telephone conversation, which I'm sure Shaw will discuss, considering he was "part" of said conversation.

The show itself? We played against the white brick wall and it looked like we were in an institution. Fabulous. You should see the video. You will.


Matt and I led on the drive into Cleveland. Got some good shots of the Brothers on the road. More dead buildings, and we round the corner to the space. A bookstore, I see. We browse records and books, and the guy working here playfully(?) harasses the only customer.. turns out he seems to run the place. And what a guy! Though we had considered finding that hall of fame, we all agreed that hanging around this place was the way to go. After introductions, and a remark about our punctuality (it's about 3pm, show's slated for 8pm), the guy sends us to the corner deli for eats.

Soon enough we find that the sandwich bar is closed, and we're left to roam the shelves. Eventually we decide to get some meat, cheese, and bread. A hearty meal. Thing is, about this time the guy from the space shows up and tells he was instructed to make us "feel welcome" and so he's going to pay for our food (we never got any confirmation on this, but you never know). He's left the store unattended and doors wide open to come down and do this. Then he proclaims that Aaron is buying the wrong bread, and ends up picking out some italian loaf.

We set up camp in the corner of a large empty garage that is the performance space, and eat and have more bizarre interactions with the guy. At one point, he dragged over a piece of cardboard and took a nap. Another time he was on the phone, repeating "oh, Mah-ria" and "that's the dirtiest thing i've ever heard." He motioned for me to come over.. I oblige and he puts the receiver to my ear while still egging on this woman. She rants at us about lesbian poets masturbating in front of audiences and other things i can't even remember. Eventually, some other humans showed up. The show got underway and we played a mighty set. Best of the tour.