July 5th, 2002 @ The Church, Minneapolis, MN

w/ Six Organs of Admittance, Hall of Fame, Wolf Eyes, Joshua Burkett, Milo Fine, Charalambides, Heathen Shame, Double Leopards, Paul Metzger, Barlow / Wivinus / Peterson, Viaticum, Mammall, Neon Hunk, Nautical Almanac, Michael Yonkers, Hair Police, Ashcroft, Sightings, Little Howlin' Wolf

Now here was an event. The whole thing went down in a renovated church. very cool. Starting in the afternoon and running through to morning hours, it was amazing how close to schedule everything ran. Of note: 1) Burkett's set was superb, one the best yet. this space really seemed to suit. 2) Wolf Eyes caused some sort of rioting. The kind seen in punk rock videos. What a mess, and such energy. 3) Though Little Howlin' Wolf played for nine (9) hours, Six Organs played for around ten (10) minutes. It was late, everyone was tired. And 4) speaking of Little Howlin' Wolf... There was a mild fiasco relating to this gent and Krefting and Shaw giving him a ride to Chicago. He became drunk and unruly, yelling badness at the pair. What a grumpy time they had ahead of them. Luckily, Nautical Almanac stepped in and offered a seat in their van. Sore feelings were had all around, and I hope that this is not a the beginning of a rift among peers.. 5) Now we're getting to it: the Son of Earth set. The setup went alright, and the team was off. The room quieted as they brought their voice out. At the end all that was left was the hiss of some dude's amp. He shouldn't have left it on.