July 10th, 2002 @ Analog Shock, Rochester, NY

w/ Pengo, Sneaky Dragon

First off, it's important to note (for Beefmaster fans if no one else) the troups had to travel through the Town of Chili to get to the gig... A sign? Well, don't get your hopes up too high for there was in fact a 'situation'. apparently someone not directly involved with putting the show on had booked another group from Arizona, never telling anyone else. The band showed up and was certainly disappointed by the audience and lack of p.a. system. though I don't remember the name, their brand of music was in the punk vein. John, the guy putting on the show and a great guy in general, did his best to appease all fronts. The group did play after Sneaky Dragon. Then Pengo got up and worked their way toward a satisfying drone-groove. Aaron started the Son of Earth set playing a few numbers solo to impress a family friend, then Matt and John turned on.. A wonderful coherent set. It seems the tour had got the guys to get right to it in the music. Afterwards, they headed to Jason's house (of Pengo). This was certainly the best time on tour. Great folks and a great atmosphere.