Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone feat. Chris Corsano and K-Lean

w/ Arthur Doyle, Katellus
@ Hampshire College Tavern, Amherst, MA 3-14-01

One of the first high attendance shows held at hampshire.. Seems the whole county was out to see/experience Doyle. Local heroes Katellus opened, rocking and droning in a manner commonly reffered to as "drone-rock". The trio asked along sillymen K.Lean and Corsano, a sort of Hampshire reunion. With the crowd bearing down on them, this inellegant crew whipped forth their best weapons. The fight was on. After hours of back-and-forth treachury and heartbreak, both sides weakened considerably, the thing was over. A compromise? No sir, Artur Doyle still had his two cents to add to the fray- bigger and better than any who had come before him. And he was truly wise. Many people left that night enriched and set upon the right path, the path of truth and honesty.