Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone

w/ Double Leopards, Jackie-o Motherfucker
@ Hampshire College Tavern, Amherst, MA 4-1-03

First show for Son of Earth since the tour last summer. We waited around an hour and a half past purported start time, and still no sign of other bands. Was there some disaster? Was this a twisted April Fool's game, not going in our favor? With worried minds, we took to the stage to appease the disquieted crowd. The first couple numbers were wonderous. Sparse-drone, and very quiet - uniquely intimating. We finished up with a sort of double take on "Wolfman" which pleased many. Double Leopards had shown up in the middle of the set, and they plugged in and unrolled their heavy mind music. They did a good job of it. And, finally, Jackie-o arrived in the middle of this set. After some set-up, the tangled crew dove into a number of jammed out drone-songs, eventually tiring everyone out. It is important to note that "drone" was used in each bands description. Is this true? Is this what really happened?