Brattleboro Free Folk Fest

Son of Earth, Willie Lane, The Believers w/ Tower Recordings, Michael Hurley, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Flaherty/Corsano and the Scorces, Charalambides, Astral Blessing, Joshua, Thurston Moore, Glenn Jones, Tim Barnes/Barry Weisblat/Toshio Kajiwara, Elklink, Dredd Foole, Jack Rose, MV&EE+Tom Carter, Bob Sanderson

May 3-4, 2003

First annual of the Brattleboro Free Folk Festival. As you can see the bill was monstrous in size and talent. The whole fest was spread across two days and three venues (two states..). Son of Earth kicked it off at the Hooker-Dunham Theatre in Brattleboro on saturday. They leaned back into their seats and eased into special territory. Two numbers tonight, both quiet enough to bother some ears, but for those who had the patience a new world was revealed. Every act played at a higher level this day, continuing through the Cottonmill. Not enough can be said about them, but we'll leave that to others..

On sunday, at the Tavern at Hampshire College, Astral Blessing started out moving big hunks of earth. The Believers came on, and started slow, but by the end of the set (having Scorces up to help on "Shady Afternoon"), they put the pieces in the right places. Then Thurston, then Willie. Electric and acoustic six string, and twelve string. Whew! Willie ripped and shredded. They say he was heavily influenced, that it showed, but I'd say he did alright. Tower and Charalambides finished it off, again a monstrous weekend.