Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone Trio Blow Out!

Plus solos by Aaron Rosenblum, Matt Krefting, and John Shaw

Shaw, Chosenblum, and Kreftor needed to do something to get some credit for school. So, what the hell, we'll do a show right? Yes! We set it up w/ prof/musical know-it-all Christoph Cox and prof/musical do-it-all Dan Warner so it could be official-like, and then set to work w/ a nice little program detailing our feelings about doing the show, etc.

Aaron played first, and it was very very pretty and then Matt played and it was very loud and then John played and it was incredible. There were talk-backs after every set. There was a short intermission and then the trio plugged in all kinds of what-have-you and all kinds of crazy business happened. This performance ended up on AP005, the split cassette w/ Bell Five Horizon Hour. A final talk-back after the trio, and the night ended. Good sounds and good thoughts.